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By Sarah Zakzouk

Founder’s Message

Wellness Division is a lifestyle brand and hub for information, debate, and discussion on all things ‘wellness.’ A term that has entered our discourse in a big way in the last year or so, we are all striving to find that balance of life and wellbeing in our everyday lives through fitness, self-care, and mental health as we strive for ongoing health, happiness, and longevity. The idea of wellness to one person might look very different to another, and so this brand will explore the concept through community discussion and connection, or disconnection through self-reflection and introspection.

Wellness Division’s aim is to create healthy spaces – whether that be your personal space, your business and employee wellbeing, or how you communicate to your audience as a brand. There is no single solution when it comes to wellness, so this is about finding your formula and making it work for you.

Sarah is a Wellness Coach and Consultant, certified as a Pilates trainer and Level 4 PT Strength & Conditioning Coach. Sarah’s core business is one-to-one coaching of business owners and entrepreneurs, expanding into the field of athletes. She also works with rehabilitation cases and has a development programme focusing on Pilates for teenagers. Sarah’s Masters in Publishing links her to the field of Journalism, and she has written for various publications, including Vogue Arabia, Women’s Health magazine, and VICE Arabia. She is building her own community of writers in the Wellness Division project, to create a community space and hub of information encompassing health, wellness, fitness, and entrepreneurship.

Three Pillars


A place to connect, collaborate, to set goals, and see results.
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