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Marianne Tafani
Marianne Tafani is a prenatal and postnatal Pilates educator, core expert, movement therapist, and mother of two. She has coached 8,000+ clients, supported 1,680 new mothers, and trained over 50 instructors over the past 9 years. A fully-certified Pilates instructor, she also holds diplomas in NeuroPilates, ScolioPilates, Exercise Nutrition, and Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga.
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Sarah Zakzouk
Sarah is a Wellness Coach and Consultant, certified as a Pilates trainer and Level 4 PT Strength & Conditioning Coach. Sarah’s core business is one-to-one coaching of business owners and entrepreneurs, expanding into the field of athletes. She also works with rehabilitation cases and has a development programme focusing on Pilates for teenagers. Sarah’s Masters in Publishing links her to the field of Journalism, and she has written for various publications, including Vogue Arabia, Women’s Health magazine, and VICE Arabia.
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